Paediatric dentistry


The surgery offers complete dental care for children from the appearance of the first deciduous teeth through to the adolescence period. The surgery proposes an annual or bi-annual appointment according to the child’s tooth decay susceptibility: it consists of a clinical and radiographical (X-ray) examination. Young patients can watch a DVD of their choice during their dental treatment thanks to the LCD HD Blue-ray screen displayed on the ceiling of the treatment room


for the superheroes : tips for efficient toothbrushing


  1. Brush your teeth at least TWICE A DAY : in the morning and in the evening after each meal ( A PLUS: brushing after lunch!)

  2. Brush TOOTH AND GUMS for 3 minutes moving slowly forward without applying pressure.

  3. REDUCE the consumption of SWEET food and drinks during meals

  4. AVOID SNACKING between meals

  5. Rinse out your mouth with WATER after consuming a sweet drink or snacking between meals

  6. Chew sugar free chewing gum after a snack or a sweet drink (an acid challenge!) to stimulate salivary secretion helps neutralise the acid effects.

  7. Use a straw when drinking sweet drinks (it reduces the contact between sugar and dental plaque)

  8. Change your toothbrush when it begins to splay.

  9. Use a fluoride toothpaste

  10. Make an appointment with your dentist EVERY SIX MONTHS



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