It examines the health and disease status of teeth and their surrounding tissues.

It combine a range of treatments for periodontal bacterial infections that affect the tissues around the teeth, namely the gums and attachment fibres (ligaments or periodontal ligaments) and the bones which support the teeth.


A way to the future building strong teeth and gums


In order to prevent and when appropriate treat bacterial infections which affect and destroy the peridontium, as well as to treat infectious diseases, we offer two therapeutic alternatives.


Preventative therapeutics:


Regular dental check-ups during which the patient is informed and taught by a qualified hygienist on general oral and dental hygiene and care, brushing techniques as well as recommended appropriate instruments tooth brushes, dental floss, interdental brushes, etc…) to fight unmineralised plaque and mineralised bacterial deposits (tarter).


A full evaluation will be carried out by the dental-surgeon and the patient will be informed of his oral health situation.


Non-invasive ultra-modern therapeutics:


  • Laser bio-stimulations, bone regeneration, ultra-sonic instrumentation.

  • Localised surgical treatment :
    treatment for very localised bone damages (infectious wounds, loss of attachment, diseased periodontal pocket, anatomical defects) is performed with a non-invasive surgery and optimised with a laser bio-stimulation. When necessary, it is completed by using filling materials or bone grafting (collagen fibre membrane and synthetic bone for periodontoplasty)

  • Anti-bacterial treatment:
    In order to sustain bone stock, we offer a Laser Assisted Periodontal Decontamination treatment using ultrasonic instrumentation with antibacterial irrigating solutions (Hydrogen peroxide and Iodised Polyvidone (IPV))



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