Teeth whitening


The surgery offers a modern, efficient chair-side teeth whitening procedure performed in a single session.


A bright smile


This innovative teeth whitening system consists in the application onto the enamel and the underlying dentin of a whitening gel, hydrogen peroxide, which is activated by a photostimulation using a Zoom! ® lamp (a Discus Dental® product) which optimises the whitening gel’s penetration in less than two hours. All the oral tissues other than dental tissues are carefully protected by a resin gel and compresses. The whitening treatment ends with the application of a concentrated desensitizing liquid or gel to the teeth which will plug up open pores to reduce teeth sensitivity. Teeth are particularly susceptible to staining in the days immediately following a whitening session, therefore specific food and beverages likely to alter the coloration of the teeth are to be avoided during a period of three days following the procedure.




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