General dental medicine


It endeavours to promote patients’ oral health and access to optimal quality dental care.


Preserve and safeguard your teeth


The dentist offers a holistic treatment to suit each patient’s particular needs, performing a range of diverse and complementary healthcare acts:

  • radiology (dental panoramic numerised X-ray, 3D ready and classic radiography).The digital panoramic X-ray, a dental panoramic numerised radiography, enables a global view of the whole of the jawbone for a complete assessment of the dental arch. A numerical copy (electronic copy) is kept in the computer based patient’s record, a cost free copy can be made available to the patient on demand.

  • diagnosis: the annual or bi-annual oral health monitoring (dental checks) can be completed by taking radiological images (this enables early detection of bacterial infections and shows early signs of tooth decay etc…)



  • Transillumination: a new dimension in identifying tooth decay at the earliest possible stage using an innovative X-ray free device.



  • Restorative dental work on the dental crown (visible emerging part of the tooth covered with enamel) this part includes all the treatments permitting the restoration a minima of a tooth using bonded restorations (resin, onlays, inlays, veneers, bonded ceramics…) Progresses made in the field of dental bonds these past few years currently allow dentists to perform highly effective and durable restorative dentistry using adhesive bonds and seals.

  • Restorative dental work onto the dental pulp: endodontic treatment. Here are all the treatments performed within the dental pulp (the soft tissue contained within a tooth's cavity (pulp chamber)) which contains the nerves and blood vessels, when the nerve is injured or damaged causing discomfort, pain and/or infections.

These treatments require the most rigorous asepsis with the use of a surgical site, a rubber dam and anti-bacterial agents under irrigation. The use of a binocular surgical magnifying loupes with superior clarity provides the dentist with the best possible vision of the surgical site and improves the process of treating this dental pulp.



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