The Cerec restoration


The Cerec is a Laser Assisted Dentistry with a Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing system which provide an all ceramic dental restoration closest to natural tooth. The ceramics and composites are today the most durable and efficient dental restorative materials with a success rate of over 90% on a 20 year period. These composites imitate best the natural enamel of the tooth and provide the restored tooth with the same strength as the original natural one.


All the oral tissues other than dental tissues are carefully protected by a resin gel and compresses. The whitening treatment ends with the application of a concentrated desensitizing liquid or gel to the teeth which will plug up open pores to reduce teeth sensitivity. Teeth are particularly susceptible to staining in the days immediately following a whitening session, therefore specific food and beverages likely to alter the coloration of the teeth are to be avoided during a period of three days following the procedure.


A beautiful smile thanks to Cerec technology


Using the Cerec technology, an optical numerical print of the tooth is used to obtain a three-dimensional scan (a 3D scan) on the computer. The numerical image allows to manufacture on the premises the natural appearing piece necessary for the restoration moulded out of a block of solid or composite ceramic with a milling unit. Cerec technology allows to perform a complete restoration over a period of 1 hour 30 minutes in the space of one session. It accurately creates a restoration custom-fitted to your tooth while you wait.

The primary benefits of the Cerec technology:

Ceramics and ceramic composites are materials with high bio-compatibilities that makes them different from other restoration materials. As strong as your teeth enamel, ceramic is very aesthetic because it is almost not visible. Medically the procedure is more comfortable for the patient (in the absence of an invasive silicone print ) and only the damaged portion of the tooth is restored in the case of an inlay, preserving as much as possible the remaining tooth.

This technology is also extended to crown and small-span bridges restorations.



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