Socially your biggest asset, yet because it brings vitality and harmony, your smile lights up your face! Together with the masticatory function aesthetics is a crucial factor in dentistry. Our skills and the modern and effective technologies permit to improve, restore or rebuild a smile with total respect for the aesthetic of natural looking teeth. Reconstructing previous teeth in terms of colour, shape and integrity contributes to the harmonisation of the face in its unity.


the joy of smiling


The treatments are performed to meet the patient’s aspirations and budget.

We concentrate on your requirements and your budget to provide you with tailored and innovative solutions and set the objectives with you: it is possible to replace missing teeth or cosmetically enhance the appearance of damaged teeth.

The following treatments are offered:

  • Teeth Whitening : this innovative teeth whitening system consists in the application onto the enamel and the underlying dentin of a whitening gel, hydrogen peroxide, which is activated by a photostimulation using a Zoom! ® lamp which optimises the whitening gel’s penetration.

  • Veneers: a thin layer of porcelain or natural colour composite to fit over the front surface of a tooth. A technique to alter the visual aspect, colour, shape and spacing of your front teeth using bonding of porcelain or natural composite veneers made-to-measure by the laboratory technician.



  • Ceramic crowns: a technique for complete restoration if decay or a fracture has damaged a large portion of the tooth, a cap may be recommended. Such caps can be made with precious metal alloys or as it is the case more often with ceramic composite.

  • inlays/onlays : for a partial restoration of a damaged natural tooth, it is possible to create ceramic or resin inlays as a more solid block, an effective tissue-saving and aesthetically longer lasting technique.

  • The replacement of absent anterior teeth with a prosthesis or an implant: in the case of partial or total tooth loss affecting the patient’s smile, the opportunities of dental rehabilitation range from prosthodontic appliances (partial or complete) to permanent prosthesis such as bridges and dental crowns on a natural tooth or onto an endosseus implant for a successful rehabilitation.



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