The medical dental team

Dr Emmanuelle Flacelière:

Since 2012, the Dr Flacelière takes part in an on-going training program in dental medicine at the department of dentistry of the medical school of the University of Geneva, whose objectives are to fulfil the federal demands (LAMAL) in a mandatory on-going training in order to insure the highest quality in the services provided and an optimisation of the treatments on offer.

Clinical skills obtained:

  • Certification for the course on Caries Diagnosis without Radiation
  • Certification of clinical skills in Laser Assisted Dental Surgery
  • Certification for a CAD-CAM technology (computer aided design/computer assisted manufacturing) in restorative dentistry, with an intensive course on CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramics) Dental aesthetics and new technology in Endodontic treatments.
  • Certification of clinical skills for the course Acquire and Master the Technologies in Laser Assisted Dentistry, Université Paris VII - June 2012
  • Recognition of the diploma by the Direction Générale de la Santé, Canton of Geneva, department of the Economy and Health, to practice the profession of dental surgeon - August 2008.
  • University Diploma in Implant-Supported Prosthesis (ISP), University Paris V - June 2004
  • State Diploma, degree in Dental Surgery, University Paris V - June 1994

Lalla Amina Mechkour: dental physician, assistant dentist to Dr Flacelière

  • Federal Diploma and Master of Dental Medicine, University of Geneva - August 2013
  • Bachelor of Dental Medicine - June 2011
  • Practitioner within the Office of Children and Youth for the School Dental Care Unit since November 2013.

Patricia Klinckman: hygienist

Attends throughout the year a series of short training sessions and courses for continued personal development in accredited dental hygiene programmes.
  • Diploma from the National Dental Hygienists School, Centre d’Enseignement des Professions de la Santé et de la petite Enfance à Genève-June 1984.

Stéphanie Joseph: medical-dental assistant

Committed to perform complementary formal technical training courses throughout the year leading up to official qualifications validated by the SSO (Société Suisse des médecins-dentistes)
  • Federal Diploma in Adult training, course- in progress
  • Federal Certificate in Re-processing of Sterile Medical Equipment for small facilities - June 2013
  • Equivalence to the Federal Certificate of Clinical Dental Technician- April 2009
  • Certificate in Dental Assisting - 2003


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